New Business Starters

  • Consulting on how to start a small business
  • Type of risks
  • Risk and return analysis
  • Financing issues and their solutions
  • Research conduction

When choosing a what business you want to pursue, there are not only many different kinds of businesses you can run, but there are also a wide variety of business models that you should consider when deciding what is the right business for you.

Planning is a detailed method, formulated beforehand, for managing all or part of a business. It is not something that should be approached haphazardly. While many business owners think of planning simply as a process you need to go through to get funding, there are many other types of planning that will be useful to a small business to help it operate efficiently and effectively. Sound financial management planning is the cornerstone of every successful business venture. Having a path to follow in the life of your business is half the battle in attaining your goals. Decide what you want to achieve financially in your business, use the financial tools to plot your path, and you will be well on your way to getting there.

Existing Business Holders

  • Management accounts
  • Profit maximisation analysis
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Breakeven analysis
  • Performance evaluation
  • Project evaluation and feasibility report writing
  • Formulating and implementing recommendations/solutions
  • Selection of optimal profit projects
  • Income issues and their solutions

Ameer Services has expertise in financial management. It includes the process of managing the financial resources, as well as accounting and financial reporting, budgeting, collecting accounts receivable, risk management, and insurance for a business. Therefore we will be your crucial partner to help grow your business.

Exit Strategies

  • Exit strategies (after completion of successful project/s )
  • Loss minimisation strategy
  • Valuation of business or project
  • Downsizing analysis
  • Transition management
  • How to sell your business
  • Merger and acquisition possibilities
  • Identifying problems in ‘dead projects’

Getting out of business is a process. The length of time required to complete the process is directly related to the complexity of the business, and the circumstances underlying this decision to get out of business. It can range from one week for a home-based sole proprietorship to several years for a corporation forced into involuntary bankruptcy. Disputes and litigation add another dimension to the timeframe. Each case is unique because reasons for dissolution differ, and problems that exist or develop are unique to the circumstance.

Planning how you exit your business is just as important as how you start it. The goal is to maximize the value of your company before converting it to cash, and to minimize the amount of time consumed Ameer Services will help you in all process.